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Hey You! Yes you!

We’re a new Zurich-based band, currently consisting of a vocalist, bassist and drummer, in need of a guitarist to complete our crew.

What We’re After:
* Experience: You should have several years experience on the guitar and not be shy of performances, but you don’t need to have worked as a musician professionally. We want to create a low-pressure environment where we can all make mistakes, however we are ambitious and want to take our music to the next level.
* Songwriting: At the moment we’re playing covers but at some point we want to start writing our own songs. We would love for you to be exited about coming up with new riffs and musical ideas. Do you have experience in, or a strong interest in writing lyrics too? Even better, but not essential.
* Flexibility: Can you jam on the fly and tweak covers to a different genre for example? Awesome.
* Language: Advanced English is a must. Our nationalities: French, English, Australian/Swiss/German – all of us have lived in the UK and are expats in one way or another. As most of us can’t speak or understand a lot of German, we need you to be fluent in English, however the Swissy amongst us is able to translate the odd word here and there if it’s not your first language. Speaking or understanding German is not required. We welcome fellow internationals.
* Demographics: preferred ages 25-45, any gender or ethnicity. Just be cool.
* Singing: preferably you feel comfortable singing. It will mainly be back up vocals, but we’d love to find someone who’s also comfortable in singing duets together with the lead vocalist.
* Extra brownie points: if you can play the keyboard too – chefs kiss. (absolutely not essential)

About Us:
* Musical Mix: Eclectic with a focus on rock and pop. At the moment we’re playing a bit of everything, mainly crowd pleasers – including (but not limited to) Smash Mouth, Nina Simone, Miley Cyrus, Muse, Green Day, Lily Allen, Gorillaz and many more.
* Logistics: We practice in Zurich City, got access to a few rooms (Bahnhofplatz, Albisriederplatz, Seefeld etc.) that we can book time into via a shared calendar for max. 16 hours/month, we’d split the 110 CHF four ways (flexible).
* Schedule: We’re aiming to practice twice a month, with a few sessions of “reduced crew” scattered inbetween. We need to stay flexible given the unpredictable nature of our jobs.
* Goal: We want to start playing gigs starting this summer. Anywhere from live music in pubs, to weddings, to eventually concert venues.

If this sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you. Send us a short introduction video, telling us a bit about yourself (age, style, experience, potentially other instruments you play etc.) and a few videos or tracks of you playing – rehearsals or on stage.

Please send the files over WeTransfer link.


Looking forward to hearing from you,
Sophia, James and Fred 🎶

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